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Hello! I am a female who will be posting Sherlock, Hannibal, Harry Potter, Teen Wolf, PJO/HoO, Revenge, GoT, Supernatural, Merlin, Doctor Who, TVD, Sleepy Hollow, Reign, AHS, and Bates Motel. My list will continue as I watch more shows ;)
My ships include: Destiel, Sabriel, Viotate, Scisaac, Stisaac, Sterek, Stydia, Boyd/Erica, Lydackson, Ichabbie, Klaroline, Stelena, Pico, Percabeth, Caleo, Merthur, Amy/Rory, and several others.
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make me choose: mandymilkobitches asked tyler posey or dylan o’brien

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i thought i told you to hold on

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When I get a crush, it’s bad.

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make me choosecaitlinhorlik asked:

allydia or sciles?

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'I do not sneak out at night to parties with River Song!'

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sleepy!makoto x

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Merlin Rewatch: 1.04 - The Poisoned Chalice

Arthur got jealous cause Gwen gave flowers to everybody but him last episode goes to extreme measures to get Merlin some flowers.

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Doctor Who Rainbow

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